295b03cf4b5a5f686324aeabcdd9bd95Didn’t wait long and I got my next case, the case which I’m currently working. In order to protect the privacy of the children and their families I’m not allowed to post any names or pictures, so for blogging purposes I’m going to give each child a nickname. My current CASA child is “Frankie”. He has the most beautiful blue eyes like Frank Sinatra!

By the time CASA gets involved the children have already been removed from their home so when I got my notification Frankie was already in his 1st (remember average is 3 homes for a child) foster home. First order of business for me (after reviewing the file) was to meet my little Frankie! So I head off to the foster family’s home with great anticipation. Hoping I don’t look like an idiot or quite honestly that I don’t pass out! Turned out this was the foster family’s first “rodeo” too so I told them we would just wing it together along with all the support we had back at the CASA office. Sadly Frankie was napping during my visit so my meeting him would have to be delayed. The foster family were wonderfully sweet people with a beautiful child of their own. I was looking forward to working with them to figure out how to best serve Frankie.

Well, I’ve got my first official visit under my belt and am excited to continue on!  It wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be.  Of course, the foster family was probably the easy visit. Visiting the parents who has had their child removed from their home may not be as easy.  I was thinking they would probably not be very happy to have me in their lives……. even though in our state the primary objective is always to reunite the family.  However, people know that CASA’s job is to speak for the child and their best interest so if that is not to be with the parents then so be it.  But as it turns out my supervisor suggested I hold off on that visit as the parents  possibly had some mental issues and she didn’t want me there alone with them.  Oh yah!  Sounds like things could get interesting!

P.S. The picture above is not “Frankie”.




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