Speak up!

Another thought on my previous post . . . A sweet friend posted on it that Bobby should have gone to jail long before he did and that he had a lot of people fooled for many years. She was right. BUT (and this is the part that gets me) there were many people in our lives that knew what he was doing, other adults who knew that he was beating and raping us on a regular basis. And what did these people do? Nothing! They simply looked the other way, told us how sorry they were that it was happening but then looked away. Most of these people were his family so I’m sure some can see why they would. However, there was a time in my early teen years where a friend was told about it and she went to her parents. Her parents were “fine” upstanding business owners in our small town of Jena. They were pillars of the community. We had hope that once she told her parents surely something would have to be done, after all these were powerful people in our little town. Sadly when she told her parents, she reported back that “they didn’t want to get involved.” So, of course, nothing happened………except of course, the continuing abuse.

My point here is people must get involved! Quit looking away, quit being afraid to get involved! Help a child! You could be the one person that they are praying will come along and save them. Don’t be part of the problem! Your looking the other way or saying you don’t want to be involved tells that child that maybe they deserve what is happening to them. And when they know adults around them know what’s happening and aren’t helping they lose hope. They wonder if they will ever be free, if the abuse will ever end. So be a hero and give a child some hope! SPEAK UP!!!


4 thoughts on “Speak up!

  1. Judy you were able to have a slumber party at your house when ya’ll lived in a trailer in Whitehall. I was able to go because Daddy worked with Bobby at Justiss. While the rest of the girls were playing in your room he had me pinned down in the living room on the couch touching areas of my body that nobody had EVER touched before. He kept me there the entire night I was not allowed to go play, yes I said play because we were kids with the rest of yall. He actually made me sick to my stomach. When he was released from jail the first time he come to Momma’s and put a metal roof on her house, he kept asking where I was at. After all of those years I opened up and told her that everything that he had been accused of was the truth and I was a victim. I made it a point to not see him, I don’t have anything to tell or say to him. I am so sorry that all of you had to live the life that ya’ll lived everyday. I am very familiar that people didn’t think Bobby was doing what he had been accused off. The blame was always placed on Edna. I am so sorry that you had to spend your childhood the way you did.


  2. Wow Tenna! I never knew this! I’m so sorry! I’m glad you finally told your mom about it. It still blows my mind that so many people don’t believe it! Mr. Kitterlin came up to me and Charlotte at his trial in Harrisonburg (from doing the same to his 2nd family!) and apologized. Said he never believed it and should have seen it all those years. Said he felt terrible that he never saw it. I understand those who didn’t know when it was happening. He hid it well. But it blows my mind that anyone today could say they don’t believe it. It happened to our family and then years later another family lives thru the same hell! Maybe they should have attended the trial, maybe then they would have believed!


    1. I am sure there is still some people that think he is innocent after all that he has done. He was the, ” best trustee” that LPSO had ever had! Through my eyes leaving him here and allowing him to serve his first sentence here only intimidated victims that he had affected. Keep up the good work and help as many people as possible.


      1. He was the “best trustee” they ever had because he was doing their dirty work. He would beat up other inmates they wanted beaten. I know this because I was told this by 2 police officers who didn’t realize who I was. The whole mess disgusts me! I hate that people think he is innocent but I would welcome them to have their children/grandchildren spend some alone time with him and see how comfortable they feel! I am thinking they wouldn’t want to even think of that!


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