Meeting Frankie

abortion-clipart-father-holding-baby-in-air-silhouetteAbout a week after my visit with the 1st Foster Family Frankie was moved to a Relative Foster Family’s home. A relative foster family is someone who is related to the parents of the child who has been removed. Sometimes this is a good thing, sometimes not so good. You have to worry about the relative enabling the parents to continue the bad behaviors. So I really wasn’t sure what to think of this. Scheduled a meeting with them as soon as I could and hopefully would be able to meet Frankie this time.

Drove out to the Relative Family’s address and was happy to see it was in a quaint little neighborhood full of well cared for homes with children running and playing in the yards. (No seedy people standing around staring.) Shortly after meeting the new foster parents my concerns about them enabling the parents’ bad behaviors were dismissed. They had actually tried to talk the parents into giving the baby up for adoption before he was ever born. They knew that the parents weren’t prepared to be parents. They understood that this could be a long process and were prepared to do whatever needed to be done to make sure Frankie was in a safe home.

Frankie was sleeping again when I first arrived. After visiting with the new foster parents for a while he woke up and I finally got to meet him. Such a little doll! Those blue eyes and his big beautiful smile would melt your heart! And appeared to be a very happy baby. Foster mom and dad said he was doing well, getting stronger every day and had put on a good amount of weight. All good things to hear. It was amazing to see how much he loved these foster parents. Foster dad would walk into the room and he would just light up and start giggling. I knew that this was the best place for Frankie, right now anyway. I left there feeling good that he had been moved to this home.


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