Team Meeting


Still working to try to get you guys up to date……..

So, I’ve met all of the players involved in my CASA case. The court has ordered the parents to do a few things, clean up the house, participate in supervised visitations with Frankie twice a week, get jobs, psych evals and anything recommended from doctor doing evals. So far the house is clean, they have gone in for their evaluations and they are kinda doing the supervised visitations. They appear to be quite sickly as they have missed several visitations due to illness.

Shortly after I met everyone, I received the psych evals on the parents. It appears mom wasn’t very cooperative so therefore the doctor couldn’t make any recommendations for her. She will have to redo the evaluation at a later date. However, the doctor had plenty to say about dad. Stated he is a narcissist with an anger problem and an addiction to pornography. He also believes he is a vampire! The doctor recommended that he attend mental counseling, anger management and parenting classes.

About a week later there was team meeting at DCS (Department of Child Services). Everyone working on the case and/or providing services attended along with the parents and foster parents. The psych evals were discussed very briefly. The parents were told the doctor would contact them directly to go over them but we went ahead and discussed his recommendations. Dad wasn’t thrilled with the thought of more counseling but agreed to it. They also didn’t feel like they needed parenting classes but were basically told they didn’t have a choice if they ever wanted Frankie to come home. When asked why they thought he was removed they blamed their neighbors, saying they didn’t like them. They refused to take any responsibility for anything!

After about an hour of talking Dad, out of the blue, announces they are considering just giving Frankie up for adoption. My heart was kinda happy but of course, you can’t say that. I think the foster parents were pretty happy too. The only real concern is that they are doing this just to avoid having to go thru everything DCS is requiring and that they would just turn around and have another baby. One of the ladies working on the case said she had heard them talking about having a baby girl. So needless to say we need them to continue to work on this and get the help they need even if Frankie never goes back to their home. We don’t need another baby in the same situation! The meeting was left with all of that up in the air as they were going to meet privately with the foster parents to discuss the details. But they were advised they should start the counseling, parenting classes and repeat of mom’s evaluation right away.


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