I wanted to address something before I go much further in talking about my childhood. To those who will want to blame Momma for allowing Bobby to do these things to us, don’t judge until you have walked in their shoes. I’ll admit there are times when I start to blame Momma but then a picture of her bruised and bloodied body, her black eyes, busted lips, broken arm, handfuls of hair that had been pulled out flashes into my mind. I see her being punched, kicked, shot at and so much more. After a few years of being treated the way she was not very many people would be strong enough to stand up to such a monster. And you have to remember in the beginning she had 4 small children all under the age of 5 and within just a few years she had another and then another. She was beaten down so low that she could never imagine being able to get away without being killed. I know she believed this because we all believed it. You would too if you spent even a few days living in our home. So, please as I tell this story try not to judge Momma too harshly. She too was a victim.


2 thoughts on “Momma

  1. Thanks for sharing this. There were times when I thought my Mom new what was happening. But mostly I just think she was just as much a victim as I was at the hands of my father.

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