Take Off The Blindfolds


Okay, I’m gonna rant one more time and then I promise to take a break for a while. I keep hearing over and over how people in our small hometown didn’t believe Bobby did these horrific things to our family. I would give anything to sit and talk with these people. Have they ever asked or talked with any of us?? Did they attend his trial?? NO! And why? Because they want to believe that this kind of stuff doesn’t happen, especially to people they know or in their little idealistic town. Well, IT DOES and IT DID!!

There was one man from Jena who attended the trial in Harrisonburg. Well, there were two (that I saw), but one of them was there to testify in support of the monster because he had participated in some of the sick abuse. That man, who I won’t name, is from one of the “fine” families in Jena, La. The other man I was speaking of, Mr. Kitterlin, attended the trial . When I saw him, I assumed he was there to support Bobby because he had been friends with him and worked with him for years. I’m not sure why he was there honestly. But at the end of the trial he came to my sister and I and apologized. He said he was sorry for not seeing what was going on right under his nose all those years. And for not believe our stories when we had told them some 20 years earlier. After sitting through the trial and hearing the stories from not only myself and my sister but from another family that came after us he finally believed. It didn’t matter at that point but it did make me feel a little better. At least one person had removed their blindfold, listened with an open heart and saw the truth!

So, I challenge anyone who still wants to call us liars to come and listen to what I have to say. Don’t just listen to a man who knows how to put on a really good show for people, don’t listen to the “fine” families of Jena, listen to both sides and then I believe you will see the truth!blind


Because until we, as a society, accept that these things are happening to children all around us, we will never be able to put a stop to them.  We need to be able to see beyond the happy front people put on.  Just because a person is nice to you doesn’t mean they aren’t a monster abusing their family behind closed doors.  And for God’s sake, when a child comes forward and tells this is what’s happening to them, LISTEN and do something!



3 thoughts on “Take Off The Blindfolds

  1. Amen! I am so glad you stood up. It makes you sick to think that the people who knew and the ones that don’t just assume he is telling the truth. So proud of you. You are brave and strong and it took a lot of courage to do this.

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