Slow Progress


I spent all of last week trying to contact people from the other agencies involved in Frankie’s case but didn’t have much luck.  I did talk with the worker from DSC.  She said there hasn’t been much change with the bio parents.  They are still missing their visits with Frankie, they haven’t completed any of the orders as far as counseling, parenting classes, etc.

I just can’t wrap my mind around a parent not fighting to keep their child.  Makes me wonder if there’s not more that we aren’t seeing.  I’m just so thankful that whom ever made the call did so when they did to help save Frankie’s life.  Because of that call he has the chance to have a normal childhood and to grow up in a happy, well balanced home.  All of that assuming that he ends up being adopted.  And hopefully, even if he ends up going back to the bio parents, the orders from DCS will help them understand how to provide such a home for him.


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