On Our Way

meeting3-244x300We had another team meeting the end of last week, basically because nothing was happening since our last meeting. The parents haven’t been doing anything they were ordered to do and there is a court date just a couple of months away. They weren’t even keeping their visitation meetings with Frankie. They went an entire month without seeing him!

Shortly after the meeting began the DCS worker asked the parents what they would like to see come out of today’s meeting. Dad’s response was “we have decided to allow the foster parents to adopt Frankie.” I think they thought after they said that they would be let go and all of this would be over. Wrong! We went on to discuss how they hadn’t been doing anything that needed to be done, i.e., visitations, counseling, parenting classes, etc. Of course, they had excuses for everything which no one was buying! Finally they were advised to talk with their attorneys regarding the adoption and their options. The foster parents had already hired an attorney and was having the paperwork drawn up.

I know I have said all along that I thought adoption was the best thing for Frankie, and I still feel that way. However, I have to admit it was kind of heartbreaking for many reasons. I just can’t imagine parents being too lazy or unmotivated to do what needed to be done to keep their child. That is just so sad. But then just watching the mom I could tell she was very unhappy but yet still agreeing to the adoption. She rarely ever talks in the meetings or when I was at their home. My gut just tells me there is something going on there. Maybe she’s being intimidated and controlled by dad or maybe there’s some sort of addiction problem going on, not sure but I think there is something going on. Regardless, my job here is to look out for the best interest of Frankie and I do believe that would be adoption. So hopefully in a few short months he will be a permanent family member in the foster parents’ home.Adoption-words


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