Visiting an Orphanage

Chapel_at_LA_Baptist_Children's_Home_in_Monroe,_LA_IMG_1310When I was about 9 years old I remember visiting the Monroe Baptist Children’s Home with my Sunday school class.  After we toured the place and heard a few speakers on what life was like at the orphanage we all loaded up on the bus to head home.  Everyone was talking about how sad the place was.  I was confused.  I didn’t find it sad at all!  I thought the children there were pretty darn lucky.  I found myself wishing I could live there.    While living in a trailer about 12 ft x 30 ft with 7 other people, I thought the space at the orphanage was amazing!  And no, they didn’t have parents but they had “house parents” who seemed to really care about them.  I loved my mom and wouldn’t want to be away from her but I was thinking these orphans had a much better life than I did!  Now that is sad!  How bad must a child’s home life be to think they would be happier at an orphanage??3448874215_6cfc704175


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