I have questions. Questions I haven’t been able to find exact answers to so I’m gonna reach out to the “blog world” and see if I can get some thoughts on these. Do adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse feel physical paid differently than others? Continue reading “Questions”


Silence is Golden?


Things have been very quiet in my CASA case.  Frankie is doing well, growing stronger and getting bigger.  He’s starting cutting teeth so he’s chewing on everything.  I visited with the foster dad today.  They are meeting with the adoption attorney early next week.  Hoping to have the adoption complete before the scheduled hearing next month. Continue reading “Silence is Golden?”

Children Need Your Attention


Many children suffer this type of abuse everyday yet these parents don’t see themselves as being abusive.  Children don’t misbehave because they are bad children, they are misbehaving to get someone’s attention.  They believe negative attention is better than no attention.  Breaks my heart to see this happening!


Mother’s Day

1380644_10152932364463763_1159991318557132206_nMother’s Day. As it approaches, makes me sad and angry.  Why?  Because Momma should still be here with us.  I think of all she went through in her life.   Deep in my heart I believe that the beatings she took over those 13 years is what caused her Alzheimer’s.  Studies have shown that blows to the head can cause dementia and Alzheimer’s.  She probably took a blow to the head at least twice a week, sometimes more.

When we first got away from Bobby I think I was in denial in regards to my anger towards Momma.  I was constantly defending her and saying I didn’t blame her at all.  As I grew and had a family of my own I began to realize that I did blame her and was quite angry.  Rather than trying to talk to her about that I allowed it to put a divide between us.  It wasn’t that we quit speaking or anything, we just didn’t speak as often. Continue reading “Mother’s Day”

Stats on Child Abuse

477144511After my post yesterday a friend contacted me and asked if I was okay because my posts seem to be getting darker.  I really appreciate my friends and their support.  It means the world to me!  But honestly I didn’t think my posts were that dark.  I’ve actually been holding back.  I felt like my posts were just very matter of fact without much feelings.  I can only imagine what people would think if I were to paint a better picture of how things really were.

Anyway with that being said, I’ve been thinking about writing more and more seems like that is all I’ve been doing……thinking!   Continue reading “Stats on Child Abuse”