Montana and the New Baby

imagesI’ve always thought that we moved in with Bobby when I was 3 years old but with information I have recently been getting I, apparently, was at least 4 years old. That would have been in 1968. I don’t remember where we first lived with him but I know sometime in 1969 we moved to Montana because he was working up there. I don’t remember a lot about living up there but I will share what I can remember.

We lived in a rented basement of a home just across the street from the elementary school in Miles City, Montana. I remember it was across from the school because when we would get to go upstairs to do laundry with Momma we could look out the window at the children on the playground. We would always try to find Charlotte and Jimmy. I don’t think there were any windows in the basement because it was always a treat to get to go upstairs to look out. We weren’t allowed to play outside because of the snow and cold. We could see it from the window and really wanted to get out and play in it. I think in early spring of the following year we were finally allowed to get out. There was still a little snow but it was all melting and we weren’t able to make the snowman I had so wanted so badly to build.

Momma was pregnant with Laura at this time. When she had to go to the hospital for delivery Jimmy, Charlotte, Cheryl and I stayed with our landlords upstairs. Boy did I think that was fun! Now this was the life! We played lots of board games, battleship was my favorite and got to eat lots of good food which we didn’t have at home. The day Momma and the baby came home from the hospital Bobby came upstairs to get us. I didn’t want to go and said so. But when he asked “don’t you want to see your Momma and your new baby sister?”, I quickly ran downstairs.a3830e8d767abe7b69305e3da09c9fd9

There was Momma holding the little baby wrapped in blankets. I was so happy to see her but I was going to miss the fun we had with the landlords. I went over to see the baby and she was black and blue with bruises. You see Momma had complications in the delivery and they had to use forceps. I immediately began to cry and ran away. A while later Momma called me over and asked if I wanted to see Laura, I said no but looked anyway. Again I started crying and Momma asked me why. I only had one question for her “why would he do that to her?”. You see I had only ever seen bruises like that on Momma, which had been caused by only one person, Bobby. I thought he had put the bruises on Laura’s little face and I just couldn’t understand why, not that I understood why he had put the bruises on Momma either. She explained to me what had actually happened. I still felt bad for the baby but felt better that she wasn’t intentionally harmed but that monster.

In a few short days Laura was the beautiful baby she was suppose to be!


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