Back to Louisiana

Shortly after Laura was born, we left Montana to move back to Louisiana. Again, don’t remember much about it but I do remember being loaded up in the car, all 7 of us, Momma, Bobby and Baby Laura in the front and us other 4 children in the back on top of luggage. At some point in the long drive home he became angered and started hitting Momma. She asked him to quit because he was going to hit the baby. He grabbed Laura from her by the foot and literally threw her into the back seat for us to care for. Here we were, the oldest, Jimmy, being only 8 years old, scared out of our wits and now we’re told to care for the baby and get her to quit crying after she was just thrown across the car! Don’t remember much after that except realizing that even his own newborn daughter wouldn’t be exempt from his horror.  1e84b51722f2891b829b0c1cd18a004c

I’ve recently learned that while we were in Montana adding Laura to our family Bobby had  girlfriend back in Jena, living with his mother, who too was pregnant.  She left and went back to California before her daughter was born in December of 1969.  So, girlfriend in Louisiana giving birth in December and Momma in Montana giving birth 3 short months later.  The girlfriend was lucky enough to escape before he returned from Montana.  From what I know, I don’t think he ever tried to see the daughter that was then living in California.  I do have to think that his family that lived there local in Jena had to know about the baby and girlfriend, at the least about the girlfriend.  I mean after all she was living with his mother.  Just thought this was an interesting bit of information to kinda show you the type of person he is.



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