Silence is Golden?


Things have been very quiet in my CASA case.  Frankie is doing well, growing stronger and getting bigger.  He’s starting cutting teeth so he’s chewing on everything.  I visited with the foster dad today.  They are meeting with the adoption attorney early next week.  Hoping to have the adoption complete before the scheduled hearing next month.

Turns out that the biological mom and dad have split up.  She is living with some other guy and dad seems to be on a downward spiral.  No one has had any contact with either of them since our last team meeting.  They have quit responding to any phone calls, texts or emails.  I can only assume that they will sign off on the adoption when it comes time.  I do worry a little bit that now that they are separated one of them could change their mind and not want to sign.  But I guess if that were the case they would be answering phone calls and making an attempt to see their son.  Since they are not, I am hoping my assumption will hold true.

I am thinking of contacting my CASA supervisor and asking for a new case.  I just don’t feel like I’m doing much.  There just isn’t much to do on this case.  For Frankie that is not necessarily a bad thing!


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