I have questions. Questions I haven’t been able to find exact answers to so I’m gonna reach out to the “blog world” and see if I can get some thoughts on these. Do adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse feel physical paid differently than others?

I have for the past few years been fighting neck and back pain. An MRI shows I have a bulging disc in my neck but it isn’t bad and doctors don’t seem to think it should cause me much pain. However, I feel lots of pain. At least to me it’s lots of pain. I have never had an MRI of my back so I’m not sure on that one but it hurts as well. My left foot and hand have both had partial numbness for the last 2 or 3 years. Within the last few months I have started having some numbness in my right hand as well. I had an EMG and NCS done last week on my hands. Both studies show no damage, which is great, but the doctor can’t tell me why I would have the numbness and pain.

So I was thinking back to when I filled out the forms for this doctor, a neurologist. In the history portion it asked if I had been sexually abused. I’ve seen this in the forms for my gynecologist but never for any other doctor. I’ve seen “do you experience depression” but never has it been specifically spelled out “did you experience childhood sexual abuse.” So I am wondering, did my childhood sexual abuse affect the way I feel pain or what??


2 thoughts on “Questions

  1. The only thing I’ve heard before and wondered if it applied to me, was banging my leg or arm and not really feeling it. Only knowing I did it because later I’d see a bruise. I’d heard that others didn’t feel some injuries due to the way they learned early on to separate from their body in order to get through the times they were being sexually assaulted.


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