Status Hearing

CASA_logoSo we had a hearing last week for Frankie, supposedly to get a status of how things are going.  The hope, at least on my part, was that the parents would sign off for the foster parents to adopt little Frankie.  He is doing so well with this family I would hate the thought of him having to leave.  Of course, he wouldn’t be leaving any time soon because the parents haven’t done anything in an effort to get him back.  Anyway, both parents showed up for the hearing, even though no one has been able to get in touch with them in months.  Mom showed up with her new boyfriend.  They claim that Mom, Dad and boyfriend are all living together.  I’m not sure that is true.  Dad ended up signing off on the adoption but Mom had more questions she needed answered before she would sign.  Questions like “if I give up this baby and I have another can it be taken away from me?”  So now everyone is thinking she is pregnant again.  That is a scary thought!  Because she had more questions and her attorney wasn’t present for the hearing they had to schedule another one for a month out.  I guess maybe in a month we’ll be able to see if she is pregnant or not!  Fingers crossed that she is NOT and that she will sign for the adoption to move forward and Frankie’s life will no longer be in limbo!


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