New Case

Just returned from a hearing on my new case.  This will be another little one, a 7 month old little girl.  She was there today, what a cutie!  Man I hate seeing these babies being passed around from home to home! The good news is these parents may actually want to change their habits and get their child back.  There doesn’t appear to be any serious abuse issues, which is a huge blessing.  The main concern is some neglect.  Mom and dad are too busy partying to take care of the little one.  They haven’t admitted to having a problem yet but they have agreed to getting help if it is determined they have a problem.  HELLO!  You have a problem…… child isn’t living with you because you have chosen partying over caring for her!  Hopefully this will be a wake up call for them.  Fingers crossed!  canstock28488010

I’ll be calling the relative foster family in the next few days to go for my first visit.  I’ll post more at that time.  Once I get a chance to talk to everyone I think I’ll have a better idea of how serious they are about making changes.


Silence, Not Always Golden


Silence is not golden when it comes to our children!

We as parents, grandparents and adults need to be open to the signs of abuse and follow our natural instincts. Child safety MUST remain the priority at all times. Trust your gut. If you feel that something is not right, seek out help. It is difficult; people are often reluctant to contact the authorities due to a fear of breaking up a family. If you have even a suspicion that something is wrong, it’s better to call than not call the authorities and voice your concerns, if not open up to friends and family for support to act.

Children are often scared to speak up, despite improved awareness about child abuse, so we must be their voice. When there is abuse in the home it can be very hard for a child to go forward to anyone because they are worried about breaking up the family or being punished.  If there are adults in the child’s life that are ignoring the abuse; looking the other way; they begin to believe there is no one to help; no one they can trust.  They believe if they tell the abuse will only get worse.

Professionals such as teachers, health care workers and police have a legal obligation to report suspected abuse. I believe this should be applied to every adult in this country and all over the world. Until we have a legal obligation, let our moral one lead the way, and let’s wipe out child abuse and continue on to demand heavier penalties to deter any future despicable behaviors.