Ring, Ring…….Knock, Knock

phone-ringing-21542257Well, I promised an update on my new CASA case once I was able to meet my new Little Lady and it has been a while. I spent almost 2 weeks calling everyday and leaving messages before I could ever even get the Foster Mom/Aunt on the phone. Finally got her early last week and scheduled a meeting at her house to introduce myself, meet the family and Little Lady for a few days later. Appointment day came, I showed up a few minutes early, which is pretty rare for me. There was an obstacle course I had to navigate to even get to the front door and it was nasty! There’s a line of shrubs fight up to the edge of the sidewalk, on the sidewalk were 3 large trash dumpsters making it near impossible to get through. I made it, knocked and no answer. Really? Hoping she just didn’t hear me I wait a few minutes and knock again. A dog barks but no one comes to the door. I return to my car as this isn’t one of the best neighborhoods and I don’t want to just hang out there, besides the smell was killing me! In my car I called Aunt, someone picks up but doesn’t say a word. I called 2 more times but it just went to voicemail. I left a message saying I was outside of her house for our scheduled appointment, advised I would wait a bit in hopes that she would show up. After about 10 or 15 minutes I climbed back through the obstacle course to the front door. Knocked, I could hear movement inside but still no answer. Knocked a few times but nothing. I decided to go to the back of the house because it appeared this may be a duplex. At the back there were 2 doors, I knock on both but still nothing.

At this point I have a couple of suspicions (I’m not a very trusting person), 1) she doesn’t have the baby or 2) she doesn’t want me to see the condition of the house. Aside from the stench out from I have no basis for my suspicions except my gut feeling. At this point I decided I’m gonna do a surprise visit to the parents’ house and maybe I might just find Little Lady there. Not sure why I thought they would answer the door! They didn’t.

A little later Aunt calls me and says she forgot about our appointment and was at the laundry mat, asked if I could come back later. I asked for a time that would be good for her. Her story changes, now she’s at her mother’s and won’t be able to be home until much later that evening. She asks if I can just meet her at her mother’s house in a few hours. Hmmmmm………. No, I must visit the home where Little Lady is supposed to be living. I just left it at that and told her I would call in a couple of days to reschedule.

I think this case is going to be a little different from my last one. I kinda got spoiled having such great foster parents for Frankie. They made things much simpler. I have a feeling this one is going to be a struggle the entire way!