Feeling Lost

Well I haven’t blogged in a while, for a couple of reason. On my own life experiences, I found that when I was writing about it I tended to experience more PTSD. Nothing major, just being more jumpy and probably more moody. So figured I should take a break on that. And on my current CASA case with Lady Bug, honestly, there’s not much to say. It has been quite frustrating. I’m not getting much info from my CASA supervisor nor from the child welfare worker.

So, since my last post I have been able to meet with the aunt of Lady Bug who is fostering her. She seems like a nice enough lady but has some rather strange beliefs, but to each their own as long as no child is being harmed. In my first meeting with her she admitted she felt a bit overwhelmed. After a couple of visits my gut still said she wasn’t playing by the rules. The rules being that mom nor dad were to have Lady Bug alone, must always be supervised. Of course, she would never admit that to be the case but I just had a gut feeling.

In a visit just before Thanksgiving she told me she and her husband were divorcing and she wasn’t sure where she would end up living. I asked if she would still be able to care for Lady Bug and she assured me she had no problem with that. So, she was overwhelmed before and now she’s going to be a single mother of two. Have to admit I didn’t feel good about this. I shared these feelings with my CASA supervisor and she said that she felt it was still best for Lady Bug to be with family. So……..

Two weeks later I am contacted by my CASA supervisor and informed that aunt had moved Lady Bug out of the county into her new boyfriend’s home. Ugh! Child welfare paid a visit to the new home once this was learned and determined it to be acceptable. But because they are out of county my supervisor said I should wait and not visit just yet. So that was the end of November.

I have attempted to stay in touch with my supervisor and the child welfare worker but am not getting much back from them. Finally last week my supervisor emails me and tells me that the child welfare worker had seen mom, dad and Lady Bug out shopping during the holidays. She didn’t approach them but waited until after the holidays to even call. She called mom who insisted that aunt was in the dressing room. Well, caseworker had seen them in the parking lot so…….. After that she scheduled an appointment with mom but mom didn’t show up and the last I heard wasn’t returning her calls. Aunt wasn’t returning calls either. At this point, I’m kinda in the dark.

It’s extremely frustrating not being able to get info. Also, I’m very annoyed that the case worker 1) didn’t do something immediately when she saw them out and 2) waited several days before doing anything at all!

So, now you know what I know…………very little!


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